Data-Driven automation


So, after a long vacation its time to write a new post… And this post is really interesting!

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How to centralise your elements.

Hey guys,

Today we will have a guest writer in my post – Tal Shachar.

He is going to write today about centralising your web elements and add specific examples for the dreaded table element.

So, What is the motivation?

In general we are trying to avoid code duplication, centralise elements will be another facade layer for Selenium and for the element itself.

For example:

We have a table which we want to add another column to it, by centralising the table we can easily add the new column without writing Selenium, just by mapping it.

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Facade layer? pffff what?!?! why?!?!?

Hey guys,

Today I want to talk about the importance of creating a facade layer to your selenium framework…

But, wait, What exactly is a facade layer?

Well, Facade layer is actually part of a design pattern called “Facade Pattern” I will try to sum it up for you here in points in this post today, but if you want to read about “Facade Pattern” click here: Facade Pattern


OK, got it, but how does it relate with my work with Selenium?!?!?

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Automation from a QA standpoint

Hey guys,

Today we going to talk about Automation from the quality assurance standpoint…

Unit-tests and Integration Tests

As I am guessing you already know there are different types of automated testes, usually unit-tests and integration tests are being developed by the developers and are meant to test the unit itself in case of unit-testing or the integration of several classes within the project…

UI Automation

So, What is UI automation testing and where does that catches up with the QAs?

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The Page Object design pattern conundrum

Hey guys,

So you have started writing automation, you kept the principals of clean code (If not, read these posts: 1. How to write proper automation test; 2. Clean code in automation, is it really necessary?), and in general you are pleased with the result, but you still feel there is a lot of overhead and duplication in your code that you would like to avoid + now you must hire Selenium proficient QAs to work on the automated tests (or to spend the time to train them).

Hmmmm… That could be an ordeal now right?

Let’s talk about the Page Object design pattern…

What is it exactly?

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Automating SVG, How?

Hey guys,

Today we will speak about my favourite topic, as always – Automation 🙂

And more specifically, How the hell can I get data from SVG?!?!?

Actually, do we want to do it?

I will start by saying, graphs and charts are important aspect in UI automation, data in our database doesn’t promise us it will be shown in the UI, or the graph will be aligned properly or even that the graph is actually seen correctly… And of course analytics is one of the biggest attractions to our clients, so we really need these pages to be shown properly and to have the accurate data (Brrrr just the thought of the word discrepancy gives me the chills).

How to do it?

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The multiple browser problem – WebDrivers browsers are still open after tests

Hey guys,

So you probably know this issue:driver.close() and driver.quit() doesn’t really guarantee that you browser or the driver it self will close (due to problems in the webdriver infrastructure).
What is the problem?
Well, after some time the machine that runs your tests suffocates with too many browsers process open on it.
What to do?

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